Outrage due to the latest joke by Letterman has led to the creation of

This site is for leading a boycott against companies that advertise during the Letterman ad spots on CBS.

They get people to subscribe to their list which states “you are adding your name to a letter
that will be sent to CBS and all sponsors of David Letterman’s Late Night Show stating that you will not purchase any product sold by a sponsor of his program until CBS fires him!”

The site also has ideas on how to tweet (use twitter) to help gain more support for the cause. insists that Letterman promoted “statutory rape” of a 14-year-old with a baseball player with and likened her to “a prostitute” with his demeaning jokes.

They have a list of all the companies that sponsor Letterman’s show on CBS. They also have a pre-written letter if you want to send one to CBS.

We reported on Letterman’s so-called “joke” a little while back, here is the details of what Letterman said.